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Environ Cosmetic Roll-CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy) is a hand held needling device designed to dramatically increase the effectiveness of Environ skin care products by allowing improved penetration of vitamins into the active layers of the skin.

The principle of the Cosmetic Roll-Cit� is that the �micro-needles� puncture the horny layer of the epidermis, which is the main obstruction to penetration of active ingredients. Once this layer has been breached, the active ingredients in the skin care products can reach into the depths of the skin about 10,000 times more effectively than by simply applying the products topically. The higher the levels of vitamin A and vitamin C that can penetrate into the lower layers of the epidermis, the more collagen can be made. Therefore allowing natural collagenesis to occur.

Environ Cosmetic Roll-CIT




    • Deeper penetration of active products

    • 10,000 more effective than topical skincare

    • Improve Collagen & Elastin production

    • Soften fine lines & wrinkles

    • Using the Cosmetic Roll-CIT�, roll vertically, obliquely and horizontally, covering the entire area targeted for treatment, for approximately 3 minutes
    • Apply recommended Environ moisturiser or treatment product after rolling
    • If the skin feels sensitive after a treatment, do not repeat until the skin feels comfortable
    • Start by rolling twice a week and slowly progress to daily treatments
    • Use as part of your evening regime to ensure that sunscreen ingredients don't irritate the skin
    • This product should be used on the upper and lower eyelids with caution
    • Only to be used by those who have already acclimatised to AVST 2 or C-Quence 2
    • This product can also be used on the body for scarring, stretch marks and lax skin
    • The instrument can be cleaned with warm water after every treatment and with Tea Tree Solution
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